Back to School Food


Summertime freedom is screeching to a halt!

Time to turn my school brain back on, go to trainings, meetings, and hope to have enough time to get my classroom whipped into shape in time for open house.  Long hours and I won’t have time at home to fresh prep and cook whenever I’m hungry.

Breakfast will either be oatmeal with fruit and flax meal or fruit and greens smoothie with almond or soy milk.

Lunch will be leftovers from dinner the night before or salad with chickpeas or black beans.

Here’s the catch.  It’s a long afternoon between lunch at 11:30 and 6:00 or 7:00 when I usually leave for home  (*Yes! I plan to get myself outta there earlier this year, but I need to have a nutritious filling snack for 4:00 just in case I don’t).

As I perused the grocery for ingredients, I found these dry roasted and spicy pumpkin seeds.  Add to these some granola and organic cranberries.

Image   Image    


(hmm..not sure why this pic looks so strange)

The trick now is to only take as much as I want to eat in a day, ‘cuz I know how this ends otherwise!

Other suggestions?  The whole hummus and carrots doesn’t work for me.  Too messy since I’ll be working as I snack.

Dinner is usually a grain or potatoes, tofu or veggie meat, and fresh vegs that usually involve onions, garlic, peppers, kale or spinach and more.  Fruit or popcorn for my after dinner snack.

 Hi Ho – Hi Ho – It’s back to school I go and I have several teachers asking for plant strong eating advice! Yay!

*As always the goal is no sugar, salt, or oil.


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    Sparkle said,

    It all sounds yummy to me send me over some ha ha

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