Grilled Romaine – New Addiction


OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!  Can you say Holy new Yumminess discovered?  Ever since I read about warm salads and grilling Romain, I’ve been hooked!  This is my second one today!

OK, I give credit where credit’s due – Thanks Susan Viosin at the – AGAIN – for writing about warm salads when it just seems too cold to make a traditional one.

I made it even more ridiculously easy by doing it on the stove in a large non-stick fry pan sprayed with just a burst of olive oil PAM.

1 large minced clove garlic

1 heart of Romaine lettuce

Squashed under a flat lid that is smaller than the pan. I set the cast iron skillet on top.

Cut up 1 mango and toss in with some minced ginger – Squash a min. or two more.

Dash with lemon juice, rice wine vinegar, chili powder, cinnamon, a teeny bit of agave, Dijon mustard and toss.

Shake chia seeds on top – Delicious!


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    SPARKLE said,

    This sounds and looks yummy

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