King of Kale Chips – Onion Flavored

It’s a cold rainy Saturday.  Slept late, went to work out, bought groceries, and came home to cook.  The kale I bought was already on the limp side, so I soaked and drained it thinking this was the perfect day to try a recipe Amy Ostroff  passed along in her blog. The original recipe came from Brendan Brazier at  One Green Planet (recipe there).  I used red wine and pomegranate vinager and added some hot chili powder, but still would have liked them to be tangier.  Maybe next time I add some Texas Pete instead of water!  This round I just dashed my hot sauce on them in the bowl–excellent!

While I was soaking my cashews that provide the “cream” in the sour cream and onion flavored sauce, I started a pot of lentil soup. 

These are so easy to make.  Massaging them is half the fun!  Make sure to put them in a single layer.  Look at the shrinkage!  I only baked them 45 mins. instead of the 1-1.5 hours they called for at 250 degrees. 

Healthy and yummy.  They may last for 2 weeks bagged up, but I challenge you to make them last 2 days!  Loaded with vitimin K, vitimin C, calcium, and loads of other goodness.


 The lentil soup has a bag of lentils 8-10 cups water and your favorite veggie boullion, an onion, 4 small potatoes, a handful of baby carrots, 2 cloves garlic, corriander, cumin, Mexican chili powder, bay leaves, and more.  Cook till done (about an hour, more if you like it really soft).  I threw in a bag of baby spinach when it was done, so it just wilted.  More hot sauce on this too!


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