Winter Maintenance

Winter is not my favorite season – let me just get that out there.  I tend to hole up, do less, snack more.  The holiday’s have come and gone.  I survived with only a 2 lb. gain and am holding. This is good for me considering I had omnivorous family visit and we ate out a lot. 

In winter, my breakfast switches from mostly smoothies to mostly oatmeal. Add a handful of craisens, a Tablespoon or 2 of walnuts chopped, a Tablespoon of ground flaxseed meal, and a splash of vanilla soy milk.  Add a cup of coffee (which I am now “trying” to cut back the caffeine with 1/2 caff. beans),  1 Dr. Fuhrman’s Gentle Formula vitamin (especially for vegans), and a Vit. D capsule (repeated at dinner). 

Lunches typically are a soup I made on Sunday with salad.  I made some incredible yellow split pea soup the other day.  My recipe, like most, came in its original form from Susan Voison’s FatFreeVegan site.  Just search for a recipe you want.  I always end up adapting it to suit my taste or what I have on hand.  I added 1/2 a head of savoy cabbage, a couple of potatoes, celery, onions, carrots, and some jalapeno sauce-of course! If I’m not stuffed, I’ll have a piece of fruit or save it for a snack to eat after the kids get on the buses.

Dinner may be a repeat of my soup from lunch or if I have time, I may throw a BUNCH of vegetables in the oven to roast and have a bowl of fruit on the side.  I’ll admit to a bit of “junk” snacking recently, in the winter months – whole grain chips with fresh avocado, hummus, or light popcorn.  Exercise has fallen to none  (sad face).  I’m trying to motivate myself off the couch during commercials and use my stepper.

If I can maintain my 30 – 2 lb. loss through winter, I’ll be very happy! In less than 3 months I will have a year of eating 99% vegan under my belt, which is 2 sizes smaller! Spring will bring a push to take it down to the next level and whack the next 10 lb. off to bring my weight into a healthy BMI. I am very happy where I am, so we’ll see what happens.


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  1. 1

    Sparkle said,

    Sounds like you are doing great

  2. 2

    Heidi said,

    You are doing great! And thanks for the mention on the vitamins – I was wondering about that. My doctor wanted me to start some and I wasn’t sure if I should choose a special one.

  3. 3


    I had started getting leg and foot cramps even before I went vegan and have found if I take these faithfully, the problem is resolved. I looked around at others, but these seem as good as any and a faily decent price. Sometimes he runs specials.

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