Surviving the Holiday Gorge Fests

Leftover Quinoa Salad with added grapefruit for brunch (from last night’s Christmas party.  Recipe:

This holiday season, I found that if I bring my own food to each event (when possible) if is easier to stay on track. Plus it shows my friends that veggie food can look and taste great too.

This week at work there was one table full of baked sweets with a few little cups of fruit. The fruit was the only thing I took (several cups). If I were to eat one bite of donut–it would be all over.

At last night’s school party, I made a quinoa chickpea craisen salad on spinach. Yes, I had a few bites of the 7 layer bean dip & a couple of drinks, but no sweets or cake.  Today I made sure to get a workout in and double down on careful eating.  I scoped out the buffet and decided what I could eat (my salad and another, a veggie plate-sans the ranch dip).  I took 1 plateful and walked far away to talk with friends on the other side of the room.

So if you’re going out – take a small bag of nuts or eat a healthy entrée at home before going to holiday parties where you know you’ll be tempted to indulge.  And drink a BIG glass of water before leaving. Eat an apple.

When you get there. STOP. From a distance look at all the foods offered.  Decide which ones you think will be your best choices.  Make a plan.  Take half of what you are tempted to the first round.  You do not have to eat off plan–you will always have another opportunity to eat these less healthy foods.  Can you pass them up this one time?  Drink water or water down what you’re drinking with seltzer and sip slowly.

Which foods typically trigger you to throw in the towel?  AVOID them-avoid the area they are placed in.  Socialize farther away from the food table.  Remember, parties are about the people you are with, not the food you’re eating or the drinks that are increasing your lack of willpower.

Happy Holidays to all my friends and followers!


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