The Stats are In

After 8 months eating vegan (30 lbs. lower) little or no oil, sugar, or processed foods, having stopped all meds:

Cholesterol on Zeitia


LDL 136

HDL 82

Tri ?

Current numbers on 12-19-11 OFF MEDs

220 total (prefered 200 or lower)

LDL 132 (normal is 100 or lower)

HDL 78 (optimal is over 60)

Tri 58 (normal is >150)

VLD 12

(This is a new one for me–normal levels 5-40.  I was told my 12 was excellent.  Just Google VLD and cholesterol)

NMR 1,450-meh

OK–so bottom line is my cholesterol is 10 points lower off meds (most of it is off my good cholesterol, but it is still plenty high).  I could stand to start exercising again…and tighen up on my foods to drop another 10 pounds to get within the top normal range).  I feel good about where I am at this point and that not eating animal products are keeping me healthier.


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  1. 1

    I love seeing these kinds of stats and stories. Congats to you! Keep it up!

  2. 2

    Heidi said,

    Awesome!! Thirty pounds is a huge amount of weight to lose – I would lose to catch up to you! And the cholesterol will keep ticking down and exercise will help (so they tell me.) Congratulations on such great progress.

  3. 3

    Vicki Reiner said,

    These are fantastic numbers, Jude! I’m back on vegetarian/vegan! Just wanted you to know!

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