Quick Mexibean Dinner


Arrived home one night this week, late wishing as always, that there was another alternative to a quick meal besides a taco salad minus meat, sub beans, no cheese or sour cream, add guacamole!  I whipped out one of my many cans of pinto beans while I was sauteing some mainstays: an onion, 2 cloves of garlic, a green pepper, half a jalapeno (seeded and diced), 3 fresh tomatoes.

Cook in a cast iron skillet for more iron content (especially if you are cooking with an acidic food – tomatoes).  Add a couple leaves of kale de-stemmed and chopped with  a couple cups of your favorite veggie broth (if you crave that hammy flavor try a splash of Liquid Smoke).

Toss in 3/4 c. frozen corn, and 3/4 c. leftover brown rice.  Adjust the broth level and eat tonight with enough leftover for another meal or two!



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