Pumpkin Veggie Stew

Or how to use up extra cans of pumpkin bought for Thanksgiving.

Lunch time rolled around – the cupboard was bare.  Time to do what I do best – create something yummy from nothing.

I chopped 2 stalks celery,  1 onion, 2 cloves garlic,  2/3 c. leftover cherry tomatoes cut and sauted. 

sightly under cook 2 yellow potatoes and dice – add

1 small can no-salt tomato sauce

2 c. filtered water and a cube of no-salt veg. bullion and 1/2 cube no-chick bullion (had salt) heated and dissolved

Oh yeah, I added 2/3 bag soup vegetables in the freezer

Throw in a bay leaf and added a couple shakes of chili powder, poultry seasoning, Hungarian paprika & turmeric.

You could stop here, but I wanted to try adding pumpkin.  I put in 1/2 a can, tasted, added a shake of curry, a couple big squirts of lemon juice and some Mrs. Dash Southwest Lime.  Switch to this view.  Ummm…Umm…Good!

Enjoy and you put a twist on it, please link to this post or comment here!


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