Breakfast of Champions

There were a couple of end pieces of tofu left over from various holiday recipes, so I started to make myself an indulgence for breakfast.


A mock fried egg sandwich.  An indulgence since I try not to use oil anymore and an egg sandwich needs a bit of Earth Balance to sizzle and pop in, plus the “buttery” flavor doesn’t hurt! 

Slice the tofu to desired thickness (I like mine on the thinner side)

Blot out excess water

Melt a heaping teaspoon of Earth Balance (or canola oil) till sizzling on just under med-hi

Slide tofu slices in carefully

Sprinkle with turmeric, onion & garlic powder, smoked paprika, pepper and a tinee bit of sea salt (whatever you feel like-turmeric gives it a lovely yellow color and mellow flavor)

Fry till it browns on both sides.

Plop a slab on your favorite bread (sourdough here) with Veganaise on both sides.  You could add vegan cheese or sausage, but I like mine straight (maybe a dash of hot sauce if you’re in the mood).  That and my strawberry-banana smoothie, perfect!

I started thinking, since I’m frying….I may as well do the rest.  Samich anyone?


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