Saturday Morning Big Bowl – My Way

At almost noon on a Saturday morning, after a grueling week where the weather has turned cold and I’d had 3 cups of coffee…  I was craving something warm, starchy (no potatoes in the house), salty (not good, I KNOW), spicy and rich tasting… what an ETL/E2 girl to do?  I mean I had a hankering for a Rip’s Big Bowl kinda meal.

This is what I love to do — take what you have in the house and adapt!  So I found:

 A large ½ c. or so of silken tofu from last week’s lasagna, rinsed & drained

About ½ cup whack off a new Gimme Lean sausage roll

1 clove garlic

½ c. sweet onion

1/3 of a jalapeno pepper, chopped, no seeds

1/3 c. polenta cooked in 1 c. water

I lightly sautéed (on med-hi) the onion, garlic, jalapeno & Gimme Lean in a nonstick pan

Tossed in and cooking the tofu, chopping & tossing the whole time, splashing in a tablespoon or so of water if it starts to stick.

I spiced it up with a few dashes of – cumin, Hungarian paprika, thyme, coriander, turmeric & pepper.

A rare treat, I allowed myself a pat of some Earth Balance margarine and for the salt (along with the Gimme Lean) a drizzle of Texas Pete.  If you have some vegan cheese, a slice of that would be perfect! 

A nice warm belly & mouth satisfying way to do brunch. Enjoy!


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