Another Kitchen Sink Keeper

Sunday’s I either clean out the refridge before I shop, or cook up a or storm when I get back.  Today was the former.  I had ginger,  pea pods, cabbage & celery from last weekend so chop – chop  I went.

Best Guess-timates:

8 baby carrots

1/3 head cabbage

4 stalks celery

2 cloves garlic chopped

1 knuckle (just under an inch maybe) ginger, skinned and chopped fine

2/3 large onion

1 jalapeno pepper de-seeded

Saute about 10 + minutes till cabbage starts to get translucent in large pot sprayed with the tiniest bit of olive oil.

6+ shakes Braggs Amino Acids

2 tsp. Rose’s Lime juice (for just a hint of sweetness

 7-14 shakes lemon juice

Seasonings of choice: Mrs. Dash etc…(I was looking for a Thai taste)

Turn the burner off & throw in a container of fresh snow peas (ends cut off and halved) to barely heat through and retain their crunch.

I added to my bowl, a vegan chicken patty heated and cubed, several big spoonsful of vegs and a smattering of brown rice on top. 

Sprinkle some cayenne or Fiery Cracked pepper mix on top. Delicious!


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