Birthday Dinner Flops

As I planned what to make for my daughter’s birthday dinner, I was looking in Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.’s Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease recipes.  We found Ginger-Lime Seitan on a bun (think Bar-B-Q).  Sounded yummy!  We made the seitan with a new brand. Blue box – Hobson’s I believe.  We couldn’t find the marinade suggested, so we put lime juice and fresh ginger in the water that we boiled it in. Then we browned the seitan in a pan.  The texture was that of fried tofu- kind of like egg sandwich.  Now it tasted fine, but was light and fluffy.  We were looking for a Bar-B-Q meat texture.

Then, we made the Chocolate Red Devil Cake. (healthy red velvet).  Beets, whole wheat pastry flour, cocoa, sugar, flaxseed meal, subbed applesauce for the pureed prunes.  It was heavy, dense and tasteless.  We were so sad.  If we had a quick whole wheat bread in mind, it would have been fine.  The frosting—yuck!  Tofu, agave, cocoa and vanilla. Purple tofu pudding and not really tasty.  *Sorry Rip, Zeb may have liked the cake, but my 5 vegans at our table said “Thumbs Down: on these recipes.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  The foods weren’t horrible in and of themselves. Seriously, we never throw food away and will eat almost anything.  Cake went in the trash.  The up side?  We didn’t over eat and we didn’t starve – oven baked potato wedges did save the day!





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    If I had the wedges I would be very happy.

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    Heidi said,

    I think Isa Moskowitz is the queen of vegan baking. My friend served her cupcake recipe at her wedding and it was the most delicious cake I’ve ever tasted! And I wasn’t a vegan back then. 🙂 Sorry about the party recipes, though – nothing worse than all that effort and winding up disappointed. I’m sure everyone had a good time and were just glad to try some new things.

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