I’m Eating Salad with the Kids

Arghhhhh…Have I mentioned how stressful the start-up of school is?  We are required to eat with the students in the cafeteria the first 2 weeks, although we often get let off the hook the 2nd week.  I have no bathroom break until planning time in the late afternoon.  Ever tried to hold 4 cups of coffee, a glass of ice tea, a smoothie and lunch till then?  Especially when you’re eating lots of fiber? Lord! 

I’ve done well the first 3 days with smoothies and making a salad before I leave.  I bought salad one day, but hardly worth it as they charge the same price and I’m asking them to leave off meat, eggs and cheese-so just lettuce and tomato. I bought my own beans.  They don’t have any small cans of beans hanging around.  I am planning to sit down with the cafeteria manager and ask what we can do.  I’d rather have them make it and pay for the convenience if it can be nutritious.

I can’t wait for things to settle down–restock the cupboards and start eating with the teachers.  Right now, I’m watching very unappetizing trays of corn dog nuggets, greasy sausage pizza, even salads are loaded with sliced processed, salty  turkey and cheese or pepperoni being eaten.  Their concession to heath is fat-free dressing.  Many lunches from home are full of convenience junk foods.

On a happy note, I found a package in my mailbox with my “Beat Meat, Get a Heart On” T-Shirt from Jonny O today.  We no longer are vegan Wanna Bes, but official Vegan Wagoniers – Whoo Hoo!  Thanks Jonny–I’m taking his challenge to continue vegan eating for the next year.

Let’s if I can drop a few more pounds.  My official 28 day challenge weight loss was six pounds.  Every day adds up!  I am due for my cholesterol check in the next month if I can figure out how to make time to get in!  I’ll keep you posted!


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  1. 1

    Heidi said,

    Congrats on the 6 pounds! That is awesome!! And good for you for taking the initiative with the cafeteria folks – I am sure that parents wouldn’t mind seeing healthier choices on the menu for kids, too.

  2. 2

    Edna said,

    Jude’s salad revolution! Besides a can of beans, mention to your manager: nuts, seeds, raisins, sundried tomatoes, etc. Maybe the kids won’t like it at first, but when they see the teachers eating it …

    • 3

      Go to hear from you Edna! I talked to her today. She looked at me like I had 3 heads. Only beans she has is pork and beans she says… I’ll have to take it up notch to the school division cafeteria boss.

      Heidi–haha…not these parents. Fried, flour, sugar, and salt, and said is at the top of their vocabulary for best eats!

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