Back to School Brain Activated


I avoided it for as long as I could.  But back to school syndrome has hit.  My brain is playing tug-a-war between resistance (which means lying low on the couch in computer escapism mode eating comfort food at night pretending the end of summer is not arriving soon) and gung-ho (following a ga-zillion 1st grade teachers’ blogs and downloading every back to school freebie and creating my classroom theme etc.)!

This has resulted in too little sleep, eating crunchy, salty, spicy, fatty (over doing the avocado) vegan foods.  My weight went down one more pound and then I promptly ate too much junk – 3 steps back. 

My son has been helping me remodel and pushing me clean out old stuff.  We took some furniture to a friend, a truck load of trash to the dump and then ate at the local Mexican restaurant.  Nothing like freshly made guacamole and some vegetarian fajitas.  Yes, I ate too many corn chips and salsa.  The salt had an effect.  So today I vow to keep it clean and green, drink lots of water and no fat, salt, or sugar. 

Lots going on here.  Once bath #2 is finished, the kitchen remodel is on the docket.  That will be an interesting trick to see how my eating habits withstand the test of stove & refrigerator deprivation. 

Blog posts will probably go down to weekend posts soon.  The beginning of the school year is a busy time.  Keep the good vibes coming – Envision me in a clean green unprocessed bubble!


On my birthday at same favorite Mexican restaurant


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    You certainly look like you are having a brilliant time. I am so pleased for you.

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