This Is Living! Yum!

One of my favorite bloggers, Susan Voisin from the FatFree Vegan Kitchen, posted her quick tempeh bacon recipe today  My son and I decided we had to try it out.  OMG!  I used only cooking spray in my fry pan—my son used canola oil.  Mine tastes just as good.  You need Liquid Smoke to give that special flavor. 

I tweaked a few things.  Didn’t have onion powder, so I used cumin.  Didn’t have ‘smoked’ paprika, so used plain with a bit of Goya ‘fake’ ham flavoring for good measure.

 We had a build your own sandwich buffet with toasted pumpernickel bread, tomatoes, onions, jalapeño peppers, alfalfa sprouts, romaine lettuce, Wholly Guacamole, red pepper humus, spicy mustard, vegan mayo. I can’t say OMG enough times! Delish!

 Then we made a version of fake mac & cheese using nutritional yeast flakes.  Add a side of watermelon and we were stuffed!

 Yesterday my local newspaper had a big article on a man who went vegan last year upon getting some medical advice that he needed by-pass surgery.  He read Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., M.D. (Rip’s dad).  The man lost 40 pounds and did not have the surgery.  He does not eat any meat products, dairy, fats (including nuts/avocados), sugar, and caffeine. He does eat lots of salads, greens flax-seed meal, fruit, beans, and whole grains.  I find it incredibly hopeful that my little newspaper in a rural area would post and article on the vegan lifestyle!


Oh, and I’ve been going to my local Curves to whip this body back into shape so I can keep up with my first graders this year.

Life is good.


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    Melinda said,

    My parents went on that same diet and are now in the middle of year three. Their blood numbers are so good their doctor asked for the name of the book and now calls them the model of health for people in their 70’s. They own a cattle ranch but are vegan! I would NEVER have EVER believed they would have made this change but my Dad said he only wishes he had done it 20 years earlier! His triglycerides came down 200 point in a year and my mother cholesterol came down 100 points! Wonderful book and the information on how our country’s nutritional standards came to be is frightening to say the least! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. 2

    Karena said,

    I’m going to try the mac-n-cheese recipe sometime soon for my boys! Good for you getting back to the gym – that’s something I need to start planning for soon as well. Keep up the fantastic effot!

  3. 3

    Connie Fletcher said,

    Me too, Melinda. My cholesterol dropped 104 points in 7 months…might have been sooner, but didn’t have it tested for 7 months. I am soooo within nomal now, it’s ridiculous, and my blood pressure went from high to well within the normal/low range. I lost a bunch of weight, and am continuing to lose without trying. I’m 63!! and I feel WONDERFUL!!! I’ve even started doing Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred dvd…hard, yes, but I’m doing it and starting to see resuts!! Even this old lady is getting results!!!

    VIVA VEGAN!!!!

  4. 4

    Thanks ladies–it’s easy to become complacent and eat vegan junk, so I have to retune myself occassionally. Just purchased my first Vitamix blender and can’t wait to make some new concoctions.

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