Need inspiration or proof?  Read this from Dr. Joel Furhman’s success stories:

“David was your typical, athletic American who thought he was relatively “healthy” . . . until he had his first heart-related incident before the age of sixty. Thankfully he heard Dr. Fuhrman on the radio, and today his health and…

View the entire entry:

How cool would it be to be one of these stories on Dr. Furhman’s site?!

Want more inspiriation?  Read Healthy Girl’s Blog today (Aug. 5) on an new PBS documentary called May I Be Frank (warning-adult language).

Or Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead trailer – on rebooting through juicing.



kale, mushrooms & veggie sausage

Spicy Asian veggies with rice and shrimp at AppleBee’s (frustrated that there was  hardly anything I could eat.  In all honesty-I ate ’em)

Scales said I’m back down 2 of the 3 vacation pounds. Yay!

Here are my before and after Gravatars that will be my motivation for a success story for the Veggie Teacher.


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    Melinda said,

    Well we all know the story of how things like heart attacks don’t happen to people like me, until well, they do. I mean we don’t get sick but then we don’t get old either….until we do. I like the idea of changing my unhealthy habits before a doctor tells me I have no option. I want it to be freewill and MY decision. I want it to be based on wanting something positive and not fear of something negative. Thanks for the great thoughts! Glad we are on the wagon together!

  2. 2

    jeanna robinson said,

    Why not just ask them to hold the shrimp and ask for more veggies, instead? I’ve done this often when faced with “chain” restaurant meals. Shellfish are particularly high in cholesterol.
    Don’t beat yourself up; but, I know from my own experience, excusing myself once or twice can’t very easily lead to a “What the heck. It’s only a few shrimp.”.

  3. 3

    I will try that next time. I get that little voice in my head that says–
    “You know, they won’t do that for you.”–when ya never know unless you try.

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