Vegan Challenge Day 1

V-Day is here!

Quick!  Before I chicken out! 

The photo is of my puffy morning face on Aug 1, 2011.


Stats that I know:

Cholesterol – 238 ON Zeitia (last year)

BMI – halfway between boxes 28/29.


Challenge Goals:

Loose 10 lbs. in 4-6 weeks

BMI of 27

Cholesterol at 199 or below


I’ll weigh in when I get home Wednesday morning, Aug 3.  I’ve been at my brother’s for 2 weeks and have been “kind of” on plan but slowly giving in to the indulgences.  Today is recommitment day.  My Engine 2 and Eat to Live books are at home, but until I get back I know the drill: eat fresh unprocessed foods (vegetables) when at all possible – cut out salt, sugar, oil, anything that has parents, a face or legs, and all by-products including dairy. Eat beans and some tofu/temphe for protein


The parts that will challenge me the most: coffee & occasional adult drinks (going to the books and recheck my options.  I know ETL nixes coffee and I have read it can affect cholesterol).


Good Luck Jonny O and all my Vegan Wanna Be friends who are also on the challenge wagon!






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  1. 1

    You have my support, Jude!

  2. 3

    Sparkle said,

    Good luck you can do it

  3. 4

    jeanna robinson said,

    Keep at it! You’ll be making and eating fabulous foods! You’ll feel lighter and healthier and discover you’re glowing! Post-menopausally, my cholesterol was 277. I’ve been plantstrong for three years; but, within three months as a vegan, my cholesterol went down to 119!

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