Lunchroom Gone Awry!

I have to admit, falling off the wagon while on vacation is a bit scary.  I have no scale here and today, after making and serving grilled cheese sandwiches to my great-niece & nephew 2 days in a row, I ate 2 pieces of bacon and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today.  Granted, swimming with the kids 2 – 3 times a day must burn off something but geesh, after being camp counselor for the last 2 days, I had no problem eating a couple servings of my S-I-L’s fresh whole wheat spaghetti with marina sauce and some to die for garlic parmesan bread *not to mention the KEY LIME PIE for dessert*!  Momma Mia – Someone say a word here to snap me out of this carb0, dairy & oil  free fall!

I had no salad, no beans, and only 2 fruits today.  Missed my flaxseed meal as I didn’t want to run the blender while the kids were still sleeping.  I drank a glass of soy milk and ate a banana.  The wagon, the wagon, I must get on the wagon.  Can’t sleep – probably because of the espresso I had with the SWEET pie, just before the full fat microwave popcorn while we watched Rango.  OK, I’m signing off and writing down what I’ll eat tomorrow to detox!  I will not beat myself up – just make better choices tomorrow!

Comments welcome! Like “snap out of it!”


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  1. 1

    Kathy said,

    The good news? You lived to talk about it…

    Now that you have “gone to confessions” and “your sins are forgiven” you can sleep well. And be thankful for a new morning.

  2. 2

    Karena said,

    I’m right there with you! I think knowing that most of these foods are going to be off the menu in a few short days has us in *last supper* mode. You’ve got the right idea, though. Start planning your cleaner eats and don’t beat yourself up.

    Oh, and snap out of it!! 🙂

  3. 3

    nickybentley said,

    The worst thing you could possibly do right now is let guilt get the better of you. When I was overseas in the USA for a couple of months, stressing about ‘falling off the wagon’ did me no good, so I just laid down and accepted it after a while. And I lost the weight within 2-3 weeks upon returning home, and resuming normal eating habits.

    And anyway, holidays are for freedom, and are meant to be enjoyed!! 🙂

    • 4

      I never do the guilt trip any more Nicky. It is vacation and I WILL get it off when I get home if I put some on.

      Cindy, my niece hardly eats anything besides bread and cheese. Maybe chix nuggets. Blech.

      Thanks for the ‘forgiveness” Kathy!

  4. 5

    Well these things happen. better luck today. I always thought you were a real vegetarian like me? despite what people say, I think it is harder to lose weight as a veggie. Especially if one hates veg like I do. Fruit is fattening if one eats enough of it. Also carbs!

    • 6

      Myrna–No–I’ve always been mostly veggie with an occassional side of meat. These days it’s usually only seafood. They’re making London broil tonight–wahhh…baked potatoes and salad. guess I’ll make some lima beans instead of meat, sigh…I do love them a lot though.

      Vicki–I hear ya snapping in my ear. Thanks!

  5. 7

    Cindy said,

    Okay comments wanted…. what would you say to me!? I have been there done that way worse than this and you have gotten me back on track. Today tell the kids lets eat fresh berries, who wants a smoothie! flax is good for them too. Ask them to help make a salad with you. I don’t know but ironically I thought of this stuff and can’t help myself lol hugs

  6. 8

    Andrea Wiggins said,

    I seem to be on the carb train and can’t get off! Hopefully, this upcoming week will be better for you! 🙂

  7. 9

    Vicki said,

    I am snapping at-choo!!! Snap! Snappppp!! SNAPPPPP!!!!! Get THAT into your sweet li´l head, darlin´! Oh bless your li´l ole heart!

  8. 10

    Sparkle said,

    Some butt kicking needed

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