Lunchroom Chatter on Vacation

At my brother’s for  some family bonding before summer slips away in Florida  My brother is an omnivore with a motto of no meal is complete without some meat.  First stop off the plane was a the local Publix grocery store for soy milk, produce and fruit as I knew he’d just returned from a 2 week trip himself.  I found some lovely Tofuky Coconut Tempeh that I am planning to use with asparagus and a coconut-curry sauce on left over rice.  Last night we had black beans and rice with onions and peppers (he added a chicken breast–I added romaine and tomatoes to mine).

A couple other ideas I have is Garlicy mushrooms and Kale from Appetite for Reduction, a Quinoa – chickpea – cranberry salad, and a Summer Succotash cold salad (not all on the same day).  I enjoy fairly simple meals at home.  Just steam some veggies, throw in some beans and I’m good to go.

This may end up being complicated by my 6  year old great-niece who will be spending time over here next week too.  Her palate hasn’t developed as many flavor favorites yet.  I will do my best to enlarge it or at least expose it to new fresh flavors.

Off to get my vitamin D straight from the source.  The adventure continues.


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    Sparkle said,

    Jude, Well now ask your brother would he like a house guest I would like to eat the lovely food and jump in that smashing pool

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