Vegan Wagon in the Lunchroom


OK veg heads – I’m now Wanna Be # 3 on Jonny O’s Vegan Wagon Challenge! Rah! This is me a couple of years ago in Hawaii on my reward trip for getting my masters degree, among other things. Beautiful scenery – we hiked to waterfall, swam in the pools, but beautiful body, not so much. Good thing the hike was on the easy side! I wanna go back and next time feel less stuffed into my clothes and spilling out! The picture posted on Jonny’s site above is on the Big Island too. We were getting ready for a Bubba Gump bucket of seafood – some of it fried, complete with hush puppies, and the works. Say bye-bye to that.


As stated somewhere along the line, Cheetos are my nemesis–even baked. Why I think I can buy them and eat a few at a time I’ll never know. So after a gorge, I tossed them out for the birds. Went to get my phone (all pics taken on it) to document it and who decided YUM, I’m not on this vegan wagon thing? Miss Dog! She’s a non discriminatory eater (except she will not eat baby carrots).

Can we stop and rest a bit?


Apparently not for the birds



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  1. 1

    Hey Jude — How great you’re on Johnny O’s list!

    That’s quite a difference between the Hawaii pic and your profile pic. How much did you lose after that reward trip and did you lose it all by changing your diet to veg?

    Miss Dog is surely enjoying those Cheetos! My 3 carin terriers LOVE baby carrots, but would defintely go fo the Cheetos too 🙂

  2. 2

    Actually all the pics shown so far are from the same trip. That profile face was at dinner in Hawaii with the sunset. I’ve lost maybe 7 since that trip.

  3. 3

    Sparkle said,

    Good morning Jude love the pics

  4. 4

    Vicki said,

    I love accompanying you on your FL visit! Great meal ideas too. Thx

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