Lunchroom Talk/Breakfast

yummy taste -color questionable

I am not a morning person.  In an earlier version of myself, I’d have coffee only for breakfast, black w/ no cal sweetener.  I have graduated to a stevia brand I can tolerate and use very little.  But I can easily go to work with nothing else in me and not be hungry.  Lunch at 12:00 or 12:30.  But I also wanted to eat all night.  Not because I was hungry.  Honestly, I am almost NEVER hungry! My favorite if I was up in time to eat was half a bagel w/ peanut butter, just a bit.  Just thinking about it makes me want it RIGHT NOW!

I have found however, that bread is a trigger for me and like potatoes, a lovely white vehicle for yummy fat laden toppings.  Then the cravings for more, more, more begin.

Since I found Eat to Live the end of March 2011, 99% of the time breakfast is a smoothie. Soy or almond milk (I choose soy for a bit more protein in the a.m.) combined with a cup of fruit and a Tablespoon of ground flax meal for Omega 3s.  My favs are strawberry, blueberry or 1/2 a banana.  Some lovely additions may be a couple leaves of kale, spinach or romaine lettuce which are high in nutrients.  I also enjoy a chunk of cucumber and a few mint leaves to up the refreshment factor.

These often give your smoothie a color less than pleasing, but believe me, the YUM factor is there and it starts my day right and easily holds me over till noon.  121/calories – 16/carbs – 7/fat – 13/protien

Eating this way does require more time, prepping and washing the blender, etc… but so far this works for me.  Not perfect yet–and not sure I’m striving for perfection, but I’m working towards better health.

When I started Eat to Live on March 27 I lost 5 lb. in 2 days! By 6 weeks I’d lost 12 lb. I’ve lost another 7 since then and find that my body is hanging out here adjusting.  I look forward to the next push when August starts and Jonny O’s challenge begins (link on Veggie Teacher page).  I am now out of one zone on the BMI chart and working towards the top end of the “healthy range”.

What’s on your breakfast plate?


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