Jonny O’s Vegan Wagon – Get In & Get Ready!

This is the post that inspired me to tackle WordPress and get serious by Jonny O.  Nothing like a throw down challenge to  get your hind parts in gear. 

“Jump on the “Vegan Wagon” with The Big Sexy  July 13, 2011

Seems we have other Vegan wannabes. So for all of you, who are ready to tighten your belts (hopefully for good) and dive, with me, into a world full of kale, jicama, tofu, mung bean sprouts and fake cheese…..Join me, won’t you?The Vegan Wagon is pulling out of the station on August 1. Get your fat *** on Big Sexy’s Vegan Wagon and get your fat *** friends to cheer you on. Maybe they’ll see you shake some cellulite off (word change) of your *** and decide to jump on in September.”

Sorry Jonny, slight bleeping of some language.  I have my teacher reputation to respect ;-P.

Who’s in? Leave a comment, then go to Jonny’s blog and follow the directions to become a Wanna Be.


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